Questions about Charlies angels

Questions about Charlies angels.

Like most pinballs, the CA can have some problems too. Here some (technical) questions about the Gottliebs Charlies Angel. Until I implement a nice forum script the forum is managed manually. The current amount of users isnít that many yet ;-)

#1 Posted by Zwaaihaai on 05-09-2001



The sound board of my CA is not completely/properly connected can anybody help me with the red wire? (See picture) Previous owner removed the original connector. A picture of where the soundboard should be placed inside the cabinet is also very welcome.

It seems the connectors are a weak point, anybody also problems with them?



#2 Posted by Zwaaihaai on 05-09-2001



The image on the coin door is damaged, are these still available or does anybody have a new scan? See picture - - >


#3 Posted by Zwaaihaai on 05-09-2001



Is there a need for a Charlies Angel owners list? Or a yahoo e-group dedicates to this pinball?


Please state if you like to have your e-mail address displayed on the site.

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